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Are Your Arteries As Healthy As You Think?
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the number 1 killer of both women and men of all ages and races in the United States (National
Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 61, No. 7, October 26, 2012). Although there are known traditional CHD risk factors such as smoking,
high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and family history of heart disease, many people who appear to be healthy
(asymptomatic) may be caught off-guard when they suffer from a heart attack or a stroke. The traditional risk factors do not reflect if
any physical damages has occurred in the cardiovascular system. In contrast, the CIMT reflects the effects of all the risk factors
including the genetics, environmental factors and our life style on the carotid arteries which are predictive of future events like
stroke and heart attack.

How Would I Know If I am at a Higher Risk for Heart Attack or Stroke?
The carotid arteries (the main blood supplies to the brain) are known to be the greatest reflector of overall health for our body. A
CIMT screening test can detect the very early changes in your carotid arterial wall thickness years before a plaque is formed. These
thicknesses are compared with over 15,000 other measurements in the database and your risk of developing a heart attack is

What is a CIMT Screening Test?
The CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness) screening test is a painless, non-invasive, nonradiation ultrasound exam that uses a
sophisticated edge-detecting software to quantify the thickness of the carotid arterial wall including the inner layer (intima) and the
middle layer (media). It has been used in medical research for over 20 years and it has become available in the clinical setting in
Canada since 2009 when DORI developed the clinical methodology for this test. The CIMT screening test is  recommended by the
American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.

Who is a Candidate for a CIMT Test?
  1. Individuals ages 45 to 65 who appear to be healthy with no known CHD risk factors,
  2. Individuals ages 40 to 45 with a strong family history of early heart disease, or with a high stress life and/or job.

When Do I Get the Results?
The results will be discussed with you immediately after the test has been completed and you will receive a comprehensive printed
report including all the CIMT measurements, your 10-year risk for myocardial infarction and coronary death, your vascular age, your
CIMT ranking diagram compared to the general population, and ultrasound images of your carotid arterial wall.

How is a CIMT Test Performed?
The CIMT screening test is a safe (no radiation used), painless non-invasive test. No change of clothes required, you will be lying
down on an exam table throughout the test.
  1. A small amount of ultrasound coupling gel is applied to the skin of your neck,
  2. A high resolution ultrasound camera is used to take standard pictures of your right and left carotid arteries at 3 different
    segments on each side of your neck (taking approximately 10-15 minutes),
  3. You are done! You may now wipe your neck and sit up and watch the rest of the exam,
  4. A sophisticated edge-detecting software (QLAB’s IMT) is used to accurately quantify the wall thickness of your carotid arteries
    (taking approximately 15-20 minutes),
  5. Your images along with the measurements are transferred to our proprietary reporting software (Katiba® CIMT) in order to
    analyze the measurements and to calculate your future risk of developing a heart attack (taking approximately 5-10 minutes),
  6. The results are discussed with you and you receive a printed copy of the results (taking approximately 10-15 minutes).

What is Required for a CIMT Test?
  1. The results of your blood cholesterol (TC, HDL, LDL),
  2. The results of your blood pressure readings (systolic, & diastolic).

Why DORI Advanced Ultrasound Research Lab?
Ultrasound exams are very operator dependent. A CIMT screening test deals with critical fine measurements (under 1 millimeter)
making this test more reliant on the ultrasound operator. All of our ultrasound scans are performed by our medical director, Hamid
Tahmasebpour, a well known locally and internationally highly skilled ultrasound practitioner, author of multiple published medical
books and scientific / educational papers, research conductor, international speaker, multiple award winner at the Radiological
Society of North America and honorary Clinical Instructor at the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Other reasons:
  1. DORI’s Lab uses a state-of-the-art high resolution ultrasound machine (Philips CX-50) equipped with QLAB’s IMT plug-in to
    measure the arterial wall thickness,
  2. DORI’s Lab uses Katiba® CIMT software to analyze and report the results to ensure the accuracy, consistency and efficiency
    in producing the final report,
  3. At DORI’s Lab, we measure 6 segments of your carotid arteries to ensure the highest accuracy
  4. In addition to your CIMT, we also screen your thyroid gland for presence of any tumors or nodules,

What is the cost?
$150.00 (including all taxes) payable by personal cheque to Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc. or by credit/debit card through
PayPal to

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