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Katiba® Ultrasound Reporting Tool is an intuitive interactive educational tool that facilitates the process of creating standardized
high quality worksheets or final reports from ultrasound findings. Katiba® is designed simply to improve accuracy, consistency and
efficiency of communication of ultrasound findings with other colleagues and it potentially saves $ millions for large healthcare
facilities by eliminating the cost of using outdated super expensive unfriendly software applications (which are highly dependent on
IT support), no need for stenos or voice activation applications (which are full of errors, expensive and high risk for your professional
liability) and install it on all of your iOS devices with no additional fee.

With Katiba®, you only need to purchase the app once (One-Time Purchase) to have access to all current and future features. The
mega advantage is that you can install the app on as many as iOS devices in your department at no additional costs (they should
be logged in with the same Apple ID). This way all of your iOS devices in your department or your entire healthcare will have exactly
the same features including the latest list of sonographers, radiologists, worksheet diagrams, your institution header banner, and
more. And if you decide to change a diagram or add or remove a sonographer or radiologist from the list of users, you can make the
changes in your device and all of your iOS devices will instantly be updated from the iCloud with the latest information or diagrams
without the need for any further actions or being at mercy of IT support.

The structured report created by Katiba® can easily be modified and customized to your preferences in any country regardless of
what language you speak. In just a few seconds, you can directly print or save it as PDF to your local server or hospital network
server or share it directly with referring physicians by email or messaging or just print the technologist worksheet to be reviewed by
a radiologist (if you still keep paper records). All done directly from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with no need for IT support or
other computers or software applications.

Currently, Katiba® includes 6 major apps (may require coins or One-Time Purchase):
1. Breast Ultrasound Reporting Tool
2. Thyroid Ultrasound Reporting Tool
3. Obstetrical Ultrasound Reporting Tool
4. CIMT Reporting Tool
5. Obstetrical Ultrasound Calculator
6. Free-Text Reporting Tool to create report or worksheet for any ultrasound examinations with your choice of diagram or option to
add a sonogram to your report.

Other features:
- Ability to add your institution header or banner to the report or worksheet and save it to your iCloud for use from any of your iOS
- Ability to add your patient's label to the report or worksheet
- Ability to save unlimited number of radiologists and sonographers to the app to be used from any of your iOS devices
- Ability to save the category title of your breast ultrasound or thyroid ultrasound to iCloud so that it can be added to the report
automatically from any of your iOS devices
- Ability to save breast diagrams, thyroid diagram and obstetrical diagram to your iOS devices so they will automatically be inserted
in the worksheets
- Ability to add up to 4 sonograms to your report
- Ability to read barcode or QR code for patient ID and accession number
- And many more.

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Katiba Ultrasound Reporting Tool (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

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