Childcare from Birth
to Age 2
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Childcare from Birth to Age 2 is the next generation of iFetal Pregnancy Calculator designed for both doctors and patients. It
provides the necessary information for optimal childcare from birth to 2 years of age including:
  1. when to book for the next well-child appointment
  2. when to book for recommended vaccinations and what they are
  3. 8 standard growth charts (boys and girls) based on the data from the latest World Health Organization studies
  4. Unlimited number of measurements on each growth chart to be saved for follow-up and tracking
  5. automatic trend feature for growth measurements
  6. expected milestones and behaviour including daily sleep hours, positioning, teething, sitting, standing, walking, reflexes,
    visual, social, cognitive, language, adaptive and more
  7. Everything you need to know about breast-feeding including AAP and WHO recommendations, storage, thawing the frozen
    milk, diet for lactating moms, jaundice, contraindications and more
  8. Complementary foods, when to start and what they are
  9. A standard self screening test to detect postpartum depression with instant results to be printed or saved as PDF or shared
    by email or iMessage
  10. Database to keep all data for follow-up visits
  11. Easy to use interface, all functions are achieved by just one or two clicks
  12. Intuitive, your comments are automatically organized based on the date and time
  13. Drag and drop functionality to add photos to the child's file
  14. Database to save patient information and growth measurements
   and more.

Childcare from Birth to Age 2

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