Trained as a physician, radiographer and diagnostic sonographer, Hamid is the primary author of 7 published
medical books, multiple education and scientific presentations at local and international medical events
including the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and
Biology (WFUMB) and the Sonography Canada (formerly CSDMS/CARDUP). In 2005, Hamid was appointed as
an honorary clinical instructor in the Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of British
Columbia for his outstanding academic contributions. He is one of few faculty members at the University of
British Columbia who has succeeded to publish in
RadioGraphics, the most prestigous medical journals in the
world.  He has won 6 prestigious awards at the RSNA including a
Magna Cum Laude with  Excellence in
for his educational and scientific exhibits.
Hamid R. Tahmasebpour
Founder and Director of Research & Development
Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc. emerged from Hamid's award winning education exhibit at the RSNA 2004.  The product,
DigiProMan®, converted  sophisticated procedure manuals into a digital, accessible, interactive, easy to understand multimedia
format to appeal to all learning modalities. His passion for teaching and improving the quality of care in medicine has resulted in
developing digital structured reporting worksheets for healthcare professionals as well as setting up ultrasound workshops and
training programs for ultrasound enthusiasts. Since 2012, Hamid has also been involved on developing iPhone apps to bridge the
gap between patients and doctors to prevent common errors and ensure the best recommended practices are in place by medical
professionals to increase the accuracy, consistency and efficiency of medical care.
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